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Brandy Obvintseva brings enthusiasm and clarity when helping others remember, uncover and take ownership of their unique, cherished, beautiful and most powerful gifts.  She holds the door open for her clients to step into bold possibility and guides them as they contextualize their discoveries into specific, meaningful goals.  She encourages and arms her clients with the tools to move into the practice of asking for, going for and living for what they want as an act of love for everyone. Brandy has over 15 years of senior management and entrepreneurial experience in the realm of brand strategy, executive coaching and corporate culture design and runs a consulting firm that focuses on these disciplines. She loves the magical life that she has co-created with her husband of 16 years, her 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.  Every day for her is an adventure.  She walks in the efficacy of the tools that Lightyear Leadership has given her and she relishes every opportunity to share them with others. 

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