“You can say it, but you have to feel it”
– Susanne Conrad


The New Space is not for people looking for a map; we are for people looking to chart their own course.  If you are ready to get clear on your vision, your goals, and your life’s unique contribution and get to work, The New Space is for you. We work with individuals and organizations that are ready to get clear and take action now on what is most important to them.

We are a community of leaders that is committed to developing leaders. Our leaders are all Lightyear Leadership Certified. We lead this work because we live it and love it. We give you the tools you need to discover what you really want and to bring what you want to life. We work with people who want to become bold and dynamic leaders in their own lives and then in the lives of others so we can work together for something better.

“You can say it, but you have to feel it”
– Susanne Conrad


Lightyear Leadership with Hailley Wollak allowed me to reunite with my biggest and brightest self while guiding me to curate meaningful, impactful and terrifically exhilarating life goals. This class gives you the tools to think big and live even brighter; I am already living into my created vision of my life.

- Hillary H

I have just finished this program and already know it's been and will be life changing. The tools I now have to get me out of habit and reaction and into choice and creation open up so much for me right now, and have empowered me to create my future -- not simply take what comes my way. I have faced and let go of things I believed about myself that are simply not true. What's left is a vision for what I want in life and the firm belief that I can have it.

- Lindsey W

Where do I start? This workshop turned out to be so much more amazing than I could’ve imagined. It was beautifully formatted and deeply introspective. As time goes on, after finishing the last session, more changes keep cropping up. Some of my goals are shifting as new inspirations come to light. Lightyear Leadership is more than a self-help type workshop. If you’re willing to look inward and really put the work in, it’s absolutely life altering.

- Amanda W

I am very grateful that our studio had the opportunity to participate in the lightyear leadership training. I felt that it was well  organized and the expectations were clear. I am naturally a task oriented person so I typically perform well when I know what I need to accomplish. The first and second calls with related homework set me up for success as I completed  all the work even though it challenged me emotionally.  Jenny’s ability to lead a discussion and give pertinent tools to move a conversation forward was a true gift. Since completing the program I feel that I am truly living my legacy with no boundaries. 

- Jody Q

Lightyear Leadership has given me access to the courage and possibility to live my biggest life and be my authentic self. Nancy Perry set me up powerfully by guiding me through dropping the filters and false beliefs that held me down from creating my life that aligned me with my higher self. To anyone who is seeking a shift in their lives, thinking and overall being, Lightyear Leadership is a path that will open up limitless avenues to create a fulfilling empowering life. The tools I have learn in Level One and Level Two have continued to be powerful building blocks for my life and I know I will utilize them for years to come.

- Lily K