Lila has been naturally drawn to leadership positions her entire life. Her biggest leadership role, as mother, started as a teenager. The many challenges and triumphs of motherhood have shaped Lila to be someone who listens to and cares for other people’s success. She has a passion for making people feel welcomed, seen, nurtured, and loved, which is the very reason she has thrived in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. In 2011, she fearlessly took on her next big leadership role as restaurateur. In 2015, during yoga teacher training she was introduced to the Lightyear Leadership work and not only did it blow her mind, it changed her life. Lightyear Leadership has guided Lila to getting clear on choosing the legacy that she wants to leave in this world. Sharing the Lightyear principles and helping people see their unique vision is part of her legacy. To Lila leadership means choosing to Obey Thy Essence, obedience. By being obedient you can own your peculiar, choose the life you want to live and have fun while doing it.


Nancy is a tiny woman with a big vision, a big voice, and big hair. West Philadelphia, born and raised (ok well the ‘burbs really, then eventually West Philly while attending Drexel University until she dropped out), Nancy eventually made her way to Houston, Texas, which is now her beloved home, and started enthusiastically saying Y’all as soon as she crossed the border. In Houston, Nancy founded and continues to grow her first company, BIG Power Yoga, and is in the throes of launching three more companies (that she knows of), The New Space Leadership being one of them. For Nancy, goals, positivity, creativity, travel, family and entrepreneurship are a way of life. It’s been said that after spending an hour with Nancy, you’ll feel ready to run for president.  Those interested in complaining and staying small need not inquire.


Katie will remind you over and over (and over again) that you always have a choice. As a coach and leader, she provides tools in a simplistic and structured format while leaving plenty of room for you to discover, choose, and create for yourself. Through the clarity received through concrete goal setting and disciplined work, Katie has created a life of her choosing. It was the visible shifts in her own life that led Katie to becoming a Lightyear Licensee in 2016. As someone with a prior health science background who has made the shift to create a life inclusive of health science, yoga teaching, goal coaching, and entrepreneurial ventures, Katie is skilled at assisting in creating wide-reaching goals that allow you to encompass and include all of life’s aspects, no matter how daring.


Hailley was first exposed to Lightyear Leadership at the yoga studio where she practices and teaches. She completed her Level 1 certification after discovering the power behind clarity and focus. Through vision and goal work, Hailley developed clarity on what is most important to her and began creating her life from this place. This focus and clarity has been transformational, impactful, and the most beautiful gift she has received through this life-changing work.


Mallory became a Lightyear Licensee in 2016 as a direct result of the impact this work has had on her life. As a leader, she is committed to reminding people of the power they have to create their own lives and inspiring people to live in to the vision they create for themselves through concrete goal work. Recently, Mallory travelled with her husband and Lightyear Leadership to Ethiopia to support imagine1day, a non-profit that focuses on Ethiopia emerging as a global leader with education as the primary driver, in leading vision and goal work. Her multifaceted background as a professional dancer, yoga studio manager, yoga teacher, wife, and goal coach has made Mallory skilled in the art of creating goals that support a vision in its wholeness.


Jenny Noonan is a Level 1 Lightyear Licensee. She completed her certification in 2016, and has been profoundly impacted through this work. Through the Lightyear Leadership work, she has discovered her true choice to create life for her and her family. She is passionate about leading others through this work so that they can discover their purpose, contribution, and legacy. Her experience as a mom gives her a unique perspective in leading goal setting work that incorporates personal goal setting while keeping the family unit as the centerpiece. She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and son, and they are expecting their second son in July 2017!



Laura first got a taste of this work during grad school at a time when she thought her career path seemed set and she had things “figured out.” She was given the task of creating a vision and setting goals as a part of a part-time job she had taken, and it opened up a whole new world of possible pathways for her! Her success as an entrepreneur and yoga teacher paired with her unique ability to courageously take the business (and life!) risks most wouldn’t take make her the perfect leader for people who want to make bold moves and cause real change in their lives. 


Through the goal-setting work of Lightyear Leadership, Amara created the path to leave behind her corporate job and start her own company, thereby creating the space to create a life completely of her choosing. Due to its impact in her own life, Amara made the choice to get certified as a Lightyear Licensee in 2016 so that she could share the work with others. As a leader, Amara provides a supportive space for your own self-discovery and growth. She will guide, support, and challenge you to question the norm and explore what it truly means to create your life as you want it to be. 


Brandy Obvintseva brings enthusiasm and clarity when helping others remember, uncover and take ownership of their unique, cherished, beautiful and most powerful gifts.  She holds the door open for her clients to step into bold possibility and guides them as they contextualize their discoveries into specific, meaningful goals.  She encourages and arms her clients with the tools to move into the practice of asking for, going for and living for what they want as an act of love for everyone. Brandy has over 15 years of senior management and entrepreneurial experience in the realm of brand strategy, executive coaching and corporate culture design and runs a consulting firm that focuses on these disciplines. She loves the magical life that she has co-created with her husband of 16 years, her 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.  Every day for her is an adventure.  She walks in the efficacy of the tools that Lightyear Leadership has given her and she relishes every opportunity to share them with others.